Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Oh my, it's been ages since i took the pains to blog... Been rather having a very interesting life. Had a great weekend. went to watch a stage production and it make me realise that i had unknowingly put my poetic side on hold and i have been doing more prose of late...
Anyway, i felt challenged and i wrote some good poems over the weekend. will put it up when i get over this laziness that has made me not blogged in ages..
One thing i also realised is that, man... ACCRA IS BRANDED!!! Everywhere u go, you'd either see a billboard, or something. The clutter is beggining to irritate me. THE BEST PLACE TO ADVERTISE IS TV AND RADIO FOLKS.... THE IMAGE UP THERE IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. THERE ARE ABOUT FIVE BRANDS ON JUST THAT STREET....CLUTTER CAUSES VIEWER IRRITATION MR. BRAND MANAGERS!!!
Ok, fellow bloggers... what's happening with you???? What's new folks? Any new stuff worth sharing with me? what do you think about my new template and oh, Italo, Lisa... i miss you commenting on my blogs. whilst i was on blog recession, i kept sneaking in to see whether you guys had been here... :-) Her Prettyness

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