Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hello Blogsville, !
! *Blows dust off my blog*.... God, I am even embarassed to show my face here after vanishing for God knows how many months without giving prior notice. But trust me, I had a valid excuse. Okay, so here we go. I stopped blogging cos Blogger was messing up. Seriously!!! So, I WILL WRITE A NICE POST, NEATLY SPACED LIKE MY ENGLISH TEACHER TAUGHT ME, ONLY TO POST IT AND EVERYTHING BECOMES ONE JUMBLED UP PIECE!! I got frustruated after my few attempts to fix it failed so yup, in my usual pretty Kay style, I went on a long leave... But trust me, I kept stalking you all so I know what you have been up to. Tetekai went to Sweden ( Girl, I envy you), someone like that moved homes, Lucci, like me vanished into thin air.... So yeah, are you convinced, I have been around?? So, what have I been up to??? I got married and had a baby.. (shocked??? okay, I am just kidding but that is not a bad thought).. Seriously, I have just been around, okay, not just been around. I also did something exciting, Ich habe Deutsch gelernt und ich denke, dass ich sehr gut, nein nicht so gut, nein nicht schlect auch, ok etwas Deutsch spricht... ( That is, i have learnt German and i think i speak very good, nah not so good, nah, ok German ) so yup add that to my French ,and I think I can survive anywhere in the world!!! lol
What else have I been up to??? Oh, I forgot to tell you all, I became a military girlfriend....Yup, with deployments and long distance and all..... Is that cool or what? But trust me, it hasnt been easy.. and I keep thinking, is this what I want for the rest of my life? I don't want to be both a mum and a dad whilst my man is out there chasing his dreams and ranks. So, I am kind of still weighing my option.If I walk out, none of you should call me mean. It will only mean I did what I think is best for my future but I really do like and respect my Officer.......
What else, what else??? basically, that has been it!! Gosh, is that all?? So, i didnt get married, didn't have a baby but I was a bridesmaid again!!! Now, I am beginning to get too many bridesmaid dresses! So have I been naughty this year?? *Insert an angelic smiley here* Promise, promise, I wont vanish again but someone, somewhere better show me how to fix this blog wahala before I go crazy.... Love you lots xoxox Her Prettyness

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


"Charm is deceptive, Beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised"- Proverbs 31v30 Lost in thoughts, Minds awonder A man finds a good thing When he does find a wife. Who is a wife that brings good things? One oozing with sex appeal, or a charmer? Beauty, they say is vain Charms deceptive The wife who brings good things Is the woman who seeks excellence. For she is of a noble character Knowing God and her man she must please. Her husband trusts in her skills Her children believe in her wisdom. For she works hard in both field and home. Other men envy her man For she is like a jewel many sought Yet few found. She dresses well yet her beauty is seen in strength and dignity. She speaks with wisdom And all shall call her blessed. This woman seems like a myth But she isn't cos her strength is found in the Lord Today, I replace "she" with "I" I vow to reach the perfect 31 To become a woman of excellence Filled with Godly wisdom To pride myself in Godly strength not sexuality. A woman of integrity Who stands up with a banner of righteousness. A woman of promise Standing on the word of God. Today, I vow to be a perfect 31 Leaning on the strength of God Inspired by Proverbs 31 all over again. Its amazing how those standards seem impossible yet really aren't when your strength is found in the Lord. Too many marriages breaking up today cos a man found a woman and attempted to make her a wife, he didn't find a wife!!!! A wife isn't found in wearing a white gown and a ring for any fool with money can buy that! *think about it! Her Prettyness

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My love message

Seriously girls are we not sick and tired of the chocolate and teddy bears?? Today is just another day for a guy to prove to you that for the right price, he can buy you. Aren't you worth more than 100ghc worth of gifts?? If he wants you that much, then he should prove it. He should buy your parents trust and affection, he should prove he is worth it. He should put a ring on it. You are not a sample to be tasted and toasted. You are worth more than that. You deserve a life time of loving. You deserve his last name. You deserve to be made a part of his life. If a guy wants to show how much he loves you why doesnt he just go ahead and make an honest woman out of you. Its like top of the list in our ultimate gift of love handbook, He should make others see you as the "akatasia" (covered woman aka lady local language) you are. You are worth more than just a cake or chocolate or wine or dinner..... Today, take a stand to love yourself first.... Let him know your worth.... medaase! Her Prettyness

Monday, February 13, 2012

A love story that will never be told( when your heart is broken by someone you never dated)

I don't remember exactly when I was introduced to it.... I didn't see it in my mothers eyes and if they were in my fathers words, then I never noticed it either. It wasn't in the arms of the boys who promised me forever but somehow managed to vanish before I could finish spelling forever. Love....The word alone makes my lips curl up in a smile. It brings memories of the same pain I have endured, same lies I have listened to, same tears I have cried, same heartbreaking stories I have told the girls... The characters may change but the story line wasn't so different. I remember when I gave up on love, on ever finding the magic of getting lost in the beauty of love. I convinced myself I wasn't worthy. I was too damaged, too frail, too expectant and too hopeful. I accepted the fact that I will always be a bridesmaid but never a bride. I practiced that perfect smile for every wedding. I found contentment in life and living it. I found joy in the smiles of others. Listened with a tiny twinge of jealousy as my friends told me about how they had met that special one... It seemed everyone except me was taken.... Someday, when I least expected it, love found me. He wasn't like all the others, like me, he was damaged, bruised and mishandled. He wasn't like them. Not too cute, not too stylish, not too trendy but he made me laugh. He called me his hyperactive one. He told him about his dreams and I told him about mine. We seemed to be perfect for eachother. In my mind, I planned our wedding, named our kids and waited patiently for him to ask me to be his girl. For the first time, I understood the simplicity of love. I knew I was going to wait till he realised I was his soul mate. And I waited and waited...... Slowly, the long phone calls I loved from him stopped coming, our conversation were short and polite and always ended with him promising to call me but never did. But I still waited and waited. Yesterday, he called me. This time, we laughed and talked for hours, just like old times. I told myself patience really is a virtue and that fate had brought me back my man. We spoke about everything and nothing and then he said it.... I could hear the joy in his voice, envision the excitement in his eyes.... PrettyKay, guess what, he said, I have met the girl I want to marry. I smiled from ear to ear expecting him to say how he has been stupid and how he realised I was his soulmate. But he only went on to say, her name is Efya and you will love her when you meet her........ Her Prettyness

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Happy new year blogsville!
Trust me, I am totally embarrassed to be saying that when the year is already eighteen days old.... But all the same, happy new year. Hope those of you who made resolutions are sticking to them.
As for me, I make my resolutions in March so I guess I still have time to figure out what I want for the year.

2011 was a great year by all standards. It started with lots of tears and confusion but it was also the year I took charge of my life

I flew to naija (yup, I did) and met my favourite natural hair Blogger, Miss Fizz ( and oh we had a blast. First, we went for a naija wedding (biggest wedding I have ever attended), went for my first natural hair meet up and met Kate Henshaw. We also launched our natural hair care range, Nakeme Naturals and are already making money off our buttercream so Yaay us! Africa, finally, we have a product for Africans, by Africans and from Africa. Will blog more about that soon

As if that wasn't enough excitement for a lifetime, Twists n Locs Salon and Nakeme Naturals organised Accra's first natural hair meet up at Nourishlab, Osu.(check out the photos at the onefotos page on Facebook) and the video at Fashionista Gh on you tube..It was such a blast and I met Tetekai(Muse).... such a beautiful girl by all standards.

Relationship wise, I have a lot to say about that but I have a habit of talking about stuff too soon and jinxing it so I guess I am still gonna keep my mouth shut...

What else is there to say? On the whole 2011 was a year of rediscovery. Of rediscovering faith, Passion,love, desire and dreams.... 2012, will be my year of growth..... Tell me about your dreams for 2012.

xoxo- Her Prettyness

Thursday, November 10, 2011

PASSION OR MONEY............

Growing up, my dad always preached to me that, “find what you are good at and make sure you earn good money for it someday”. On the outside, that looked like one of the best piece of advice any father could pass on to a rather smart daughter and I couldn’t agree more. However, my rather childish mind decoded the message as, go to the best schools in Ghana, get the best grades, find a reputable company to work with and consequently, earn lots of money as a reward of all the education you had.
Fast forward the years, and I had graduated from the university with good grades, done my bit to serve my country as a national service personnel, gone ahead to earn a good job, started receiving good salary only to realize that, I still wasn’t content. Something was definitely missing from the equation. And that thing was PASSION.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked what I did in my company, loved the fact that I always had excess shopping money from my salary and I loved the fact that my job served as a learning opportunity to make up for what my university lecturers forgot to teach me .But I hated the fact that at a point in my career, every working day somehow felt like a punishment to me. I loved the fact that when my friends called and ask what I am doing now, I had an answer for them which did not include, job hunting. However, I hated the fact the old grandpa clock which hanged on the wall opposite my working desk had suddenly become my new best friend in the office and 5:00pm had suddenly become my happy hour. I hated the fact that I was gradually losing my spark and creativity and in the process losing track of who I wanted to be
I am passionate about things I believe in. I put myself into every dream I believe in and I believe, someday, I’d make a job out of following my dream. Passion would probably have been my first name if my dad had not been so bent on not giving me an English name but as my mum constantly reminds me, passion will not pay my bills. Electricity Company of Ghana and Ghana Water Company will not accept wads of my passion at the end of every month for their services rendered. My mobile telecom providers will cut off their services before I finish explaining to them how passionate I am about staying in touch with friends, family and business correspondence.

Somehow, I find myself torn between passion and money….. Money, a physical entity used in everyday living and serves as a form of standard, determines how people will treat you and how you feel about yourself and others…… Passion, a non-physical entity which burns deep inside you like fire, shapes your vision and focus, determines your speed and direction in life and somehow, is the single most important element responsible for determining what motivates and drives you.
Passion, that thing, which makes a poet die broke knowing that he lived his life to the fullest, pouring out his soul on a piece of paper.

Money, what most people live their lives hoping their passion will translate into.
Passion, what most people have ignored in the quest to find money.
So the question on my mind this afternoon as I steal glances at my new best friend in the office, the old grandpa clock on the wall opposite my desk and trying to deserve my salary this month is, PASSION OR MONEY, which one should be my companion as I seek what I want on this journey of life. The tiny voice in my heart whispers and says Passion but my circumstances scream Money. And knowing myself, I am likely to go with my heart, hoping my circumstances will understand and somehow correspond to that decision
Her Prettyness

Friday, October 28, 2011


For the past God knows how many weeks, I have been going on and on about passion, money, career, dreams and so on that I do believe my close associates have had enough of me. #heavy sigh#

But maybe, just maybe, I am right! I mean, I have to be right.... I completed University chasing what I though was a career for almost two years only to wake up oneday with the realisation that, I was only chasing a paycheck.

I am a girl of diverse interest and as my girl Mz A of puts it, I'm not too sure whether it is a blessing or a curse.

I love to write, draw, make soaps,butter,natural oils, styling hair,poetry, languages (studied french and is currently studying German),shopping, passionate about children, volunteers at two NGOs, has three business plans ongoing, starting a livestock farm soon, juggling social life and hoping to be a good wife someday

Whew, that is a tall list by any standard but yup, I am passionate about all the above and all of the above gives me more excitement than my job currently. I am planning on making a job out of this but still a wee too scared to leave my stable income... I know, I am a scaredy cat.

So the thing is, I have a wide range of interest... which I have still not figured out what to do with it just as I have not figured out the direction this post is going.... I am just raving and ranting about nothing. #SIGH#

Maybe, someday I will figure out how to put it all together, maybe I have already figured out how to put it all together and just waiting for the right push.Her Prettyness