Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Over the last couple of months, i have cried, laughed, felt dejected,been happy,sad, lost love, found another love, found God and gone through all the roller coaster of living life.... Well, i have decided to look back at a couple of random lessons i have learnt in life (And i know i should have arranged this better) 1) I learnt that when people walk away from you especially when u’ve done everything for them to stay let them go cos no body who will deliberately hurt you deserves you anyway….. 2) You are either as small as your controlling desire or as big as your dreamy aspirations 3) The cliché time “heals all wounds” is really true…..time really heals all wounds 4) Be careful whose advise you buy but be patient with the one who gives it cos that person at that point was trying to make you better 5) What really goes around comes around so be careful what you give cos that is the same thing you will receive…. :) 6) It’s okay to fear the unknown….. It’s really ok but always remember someday the unknown will become the known if only you open your eyes 7) When one person makes you cry, another person is always around to make you laugh 8) When u expect a man to be your all, u avail yourself for a man to treat you as he wants 9) Some things go wrong so that other things can go right….. 10) Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go but true friends will always have your heart so never neglect your forever friends cos of a man or woman 11) ALL PAIN IS NECESSARY IF ONLY IT WILL LEAD YOU TO YOUR KNEES AND THE MAN WHO DIED ON THE CROSS 12) We will never know tomorrow…we can plan for it, dream about it and even live for it but we can never really know how it will end up so live your life as though there is no tomorrow or seek the man who knows your tomorrow(JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH) 13) It’s really okay to cry when someone or something hurts you real bad (you can do what I do: cry infront of a mirror and laugh at how ugly you look when crying) 14) Yesterday is gone so forget it 15) Tomorrow does not exist so don’t worry 16) If you look back critically at the past, you’d realize that it’s not as beautiful as your memory makes you think it was 17) Each day is a brand new day so wake up with a new attitude (Well, as a rule, I wake up hyped up each day) 18) Everybody needs a bestfriend who’d stick closer than a sister. Thanx Aisy for all the laughter and the insults and for telling me as it was 19) Try something new especially something that scares you or something out of this world….(I chopped off all my perm and I loved it) 20) READ!!! READ!!!!! READ!!!!!!.... Stay informed 21) Life still goes on whether you want it or not...Day and night won't stop coming cos you are down 22) Some people will come into your life and leave but they leave special people back…Look at it this way, if that person had not come into your life you wouldn’t have met his friends or family 23) Do a random thing each day 24) Get a hobby… You have to do something you know…The devil finds work for the idle mind 25) Be grateful alwaysss..... the good, the bad and the horrible will always be there 26) Develop a positive attitude to life... today, u are down, tomorrow you will be up 27) Remember, whatever happened to you, you had a role to play in it 28) LIKE ME...NEVER REGRET ANYTHING COS FOR A MOMENT IN TIME WHATEVER YOU HAD WAS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED 29) Love yourself cos you can never give anything you never had neither can you lose something you never had 30) It's okay to meet a few rubbish people before meeting a few good ones............. Her Prettyness


  1. I really enjoyed this post, going through a rough patch, this has lifted my spirits.
    Thanks prettykay.

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