Friday, October 29, 2010


For starters, if you are looking for someone to blame for my recent bout of insanity, blame my television, not me for the crazy way my mind works. Seriously!!!!!1 Of late i've been watching a lot of series on TV, thanks to VIASAT 1 and e.TV Ghana and Grey's Anatomy season 1is gradually becoming one of my favourites. I hated the show at first, cos i didn't see how i could love any show set in the hospital (For the records, I hated ER) My favourite characters are Doc O'malley (HE'S TOO SWEET) and Christina Yang!!! I'm not a big Meredith and her Macdreamy fan but honestly, I've learnt a lot from their relationship. Maybe, cos I'm a little Meredith myself. Aren't we all??? What is a MACDREAMY syndrome?? Every girl is entitled to a Macdreamy. this won't make sense to you if you've not watched grey's anatomy. But Macdreamy really is that dude u know is poison in your blood stream but you still can't have enough of. He's your average overgrown boy who thinks life is one big game. He's the dude who'll have you crying but you can't stop loving. Macdreamy is exactly what you know you don\t need but you want so bad.... Meredith knows Macdreamy is a heartbreak waiting to happen but she just can't have enough of him cos like my friend said, we are all adrenaline junkies. we just love to know we are breaking the rules. At least, i do!!! Macdreamy, is that guy you just can't have enough of. Your friends don't understand what u see in him cos he is totally wrong for you but eff what your friends say, they don't know him like u do or that's what u wish was true. I've grown to learn that every man is perfect but to a particular lady.Well, like i said, every woman is entitled to a Macdreamy, your own one perfect person even though he really isn't. I'm a sucker for love and romance and relationships and happily ever afters I know.... But even me, I've grown to understand the concept of the chase and the thrills it brings,men think they are the only one who like the chase. Nah, dudes, i believe we women even like it more. How else can u explain a Mariah and Nick canon combination? However, this post has nothing to do with the chase but everything to do with Macdreamy :) The question is why does Meredith stay with Macdreamy even though she knows everything I know??? The boo has the perfect answer for this, will you leave the only person who makes you really laugh just cos he makes you cry too??? Love is one wierd emotion right??? But well, forget love!! a successful relationship requires being with the one whose craziness don't scare you the most Her Prettyness


  1. hey, did u see my status askin if i was the only gal who luvd the thrill of the chase? i'm one hell of an adrenaline junky(ur friend knows) and i got my very own Macdreamy too(lolol) ...he's just soooo dreeeeeaaaammmyyy...:)

  2. lol..i get what u mean...usually, u just have to weigh d positives and the negatives chale.

  3. @ Robby..... Macdreamy's are usually dreamy, too bad we live in reality and not dream land.lmao,wake up and smell the coffee sweety

    @ Shels, i get you girl. My girl etoile Oye did this great post about adrenaline junkies and when to strike the balance. Trust me, she made lots of interesting points. But usually, if you can stand the negatives that come with the positive then staying is a better option. or???