Thursday, February 3, 2011

THE HAIRAPY- Definitely a blog worthy moment

Had a totally lousy day. Needed some therapy. Thought of going shopping but my empty purse and having to endure traffic just made me change my mind then I thought of eating out but the thought of having to do it alone just didn't sound too appealing. So i figured out updating my blog will do the trick and oh, i won my first blog award from Tetekai and i'm over excited. Girl, i promise to put up that post and pass on the love asap. Where was I? oh yeah, i remember, i chose to update my blog but after painstakingly writing my post down, i lost it and got too lazy to redo it so i gave up!! But I still needed to do something so I chose to do my hair! I gave myself a hot oil treatment using coconut oil, shea oil and rosemary herbs cos i love the smell then conditioned my hair with revlon raspberry conditioner and washed it with black soap aka alata samina. I then applied shea butter and leave in conditioner and then put my hair in about 8 large braids for a braid out tomorrow. There, i had my therapy. I never knew doing my hair so lovingly could be so therapeutic and oh whilst we are on the issue of hair, my hair has grown a lot. Will upload pictures one day when i remember. So what do you do when you need therapy??? xoxoxoxo- Her Prettyness


  1. You are welcome and you deserve the award.
    As for therapy, i wash, i clean house (top to bottom), take a bath in a newly sparkling bathroom, eat and sleep; all this is done listening to large collection of fast beat music and dancing alongside. It is totally workout. The only caveat is i only do this when there is no one around. :)
    So it has kind of like been awhile now.

  2. Wow, gal that sounds like some serious hard work you got going there. often my destressing therapy is just to laze about but from my stint with the hair thing, i think hard work works too

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