Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ok, so i got the versatile and stylish blogger award by Tetekai. You all should visit her blogs cos sister has got some great writing skills. (Thanks T-kai. Yaay, my 1st blogger award) and as per the memo I'm supposed to say seven things about myself. 1. I'm 110 percent girl. It's not even funny. I love shoes, pink, love, marriage, children. Everything girl, i love! I dream making a wonderful man happy someday cos I will make a great wife and I plan on having a huge family...... 2. I love food. I eat everything that wouldn't eat me first. I usually over eat too. It's a miracle I'm not fat! I don't have a favourite food and I barely work out. I guess, I can thank genes for my perfect size 10 (That is, if a size 10 can be considered perfect) 3. I'm a natural romantic person as most of you have already figured out and I love the idea of love and the happily ever afters.Some days are there where I wonder whether I love the boo or I just love the idea of being in love but during such moments, I realise there's a reason why I've held on this long. 4. I love my natural hair. I love styling my hair and taking pictures of it. I think kinky hair is so beautiful. I love wearing my hair out in an afro and unlike most Ghanaian naturals, i HATE twists. Whenever I wear my twists for more than a week, my hair starts to loc :( 5. I love traditional Ghanaian marriage ceremonies more than white weddings and I hate it when people call it engagement. Traditional marriage ceremonies are so beautiful. I love the drama, culture and basically everything about it 6. I'm a facebook addict. Sometimes, i update my status just for the heck of it. 7. I don't know how to link other blogs to my blog. I'm just not too computer smart and I love mobile blogger but because I'm smart, I'd figure it out! I give this award to: Lucci of : I love this girl's blog... She never ceases to make me laugh...... Oye of : Man, I love this girl's view of life and her style of writing..... well, that's why she's my twinny :) Maxine of : I just love her style. And oh, she has the cutest love poems ever Krissi of : Just discovered her blog and I love her style *Ok, now I guess I'm done. Going to figure out how to link them blogs to my page. By the way, if I gave you the award, it means i stalk Ur blog page and i think you got style. Prettyness


  1. I still couldn't do the linking so who will teac me???

  2. lol...thanks preetykay! yay! keep stalking uhm...go to edit post, highlight name of blogger and at the top of the tool bar select link, then type in the url of the blog and that's about it. Hope that helps :)

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