Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An open letter to nobody from nobody

Dear nobody,
I just want to know how you are doing? Hope you are good. Today on twitter, I read that everybody hurts it's just that some people are better at hiding it. So are you hurting?!

God knows I am. Beneath my smiles and make up is a million question marks running inside my head. But since i'm a nobody who cares how i'm feeling??

I read on same old twitter that people rub off eachother and guess what i believe it cos like you, i've learnt to hide my feelings very well especially the pain.

We've not spoken for 48 hours. lol. i used hours to make you realise how long it's been but i know it's going to be longer cos we won't talk ever again and if we do, it'd never be the same.

Yesterday, i played the question and answer game with myself and i asked myself whether we will ever be us again and the answer is no cos coming back to you will be like rereading a book, i already know how it'd end.(yeah, i got that from twitter too. lol)

I know you'd read this post cos you definitely know i'd blog my feelings out. I wonder why i always do that and if you do, i hope you've already got the answer you want and thanks for the birthday present. Goes into the records as worst birthday present ever.

Ok, guess my work here is done. Going back to twitter and if you never see this post, it's all good..... Her Prettyness


  1. Hi somebody, I just read your blog and wanted you to know I thought about you long enough to read your blog post and comment. I also wanted you know that you don't have to hurt all by yourself. It helps to share the burden and you'll realize you're not alone in this world. I hope you're having a much better day! Hugs

  2. Hello there nobody,
    I am like you so i guess we have something in common. Know that because you cared enough to write this post, i care also to read and comment. :)

  3. wow you told the person alright.

  4. great write up, hope you're good gf

  5. Thanks people.... I'm still a little mad but on the way to recovery.Just had to let it all out and I knew i'd be good.

    Thanks Maxine and Tkai,you made me smile.
    BSNC, I had to. I was proper pissed.
    Lucci, thanks dear. yeah, i'm ok :)

  6. Jeez this is deep..I agree with Maxine,U need to share ur burden "to the right people though"...Good Stuff.

  7. Didi, thanks for your advise... really appreciate all the love

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