Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Are you beautiful??? Do men drool over you when you walk down the street?
Have you ever stopped to consider whether you’d be considered beautiful when you move from your home country…. or continent into another???
Often, I find myself wondering whether my 5’7 foot frame with my 32 inches bust, 28 inches waist and my very famous 42 inches, child bearing hips and shea butter enhanced ebony black skin,(which is considered totally sexy in Ghana, my motherland) will be considered equally sexy when I move to say, India????
Or whether my kinky curly hair and hairy legs will still be considered a turn on when I move to some Scandinavian country where the women have long flowing hair and endure weekly torture of waxing their legs just to appear well groomed.
Or whether the gap in between my two front teeth which is said to be a gift from God will still be praised as much when I move to say, America????
I recently asked a few of my male friends (boys boys) what they like about their Ghanaian ladies and oh my days, the answers cracked me up. So apparently, the average black man loves his woman with a good behind…To quote one of my guys, an average black man loves his woman with a 3d behind. The black man and boobs??? Honestly, no one can convince me that the black man isn’t a boobs addict. I rest my case
On the other hand, an average white man loves his woman with big boobs (think a 36DD bra size) and super long legs and I guess a non existent booty.. Long legs??? Who cares about legs when there’s booty??? (That is a bias statement… I know)
Now, when we move to Asia, an average Indian man loves his woman with fair skin(fair skin???? What about the black Indians??) and I guess long flowing hair and I guess she must be able to move her hips to some good music…
Beauty is geographical…. It differs from one tribe to another, one country to another and one continent to another…
There is no one set standard of beauty. I guess God made it that way so that unless you learn to look at yourself from the inside out, you’d never be convinced of your beauty. Or unless you learn to wear your confidence on your sleeve and a screw you and your this is not beautiful attitude, you’d always doubt the looks God gave you.
I believe the only standard of beauty we should concern ourselves with, is the one God gave us at birth. So whether you are tall, short, dark, hairy, hairless….. whatever….. real beauty should be your ability to look into the mirror with no make up on, smile at your image and say, God bless the parents that made me. Heck, I am damn fly just the way I am.

Her Prettyness


  1. Trust me it will not be considered sexy in India...they don't like their own blacks they sure do not give a hoot about Africans.

    Love the post :D

  2. Great post, I enjoyed reading it!
    Lol at "3D behind".

  3. I really love this post!! Inspiring!! Happy New month by the way.