Friday, October 28, 2011


For the past God knows how many weeks, I have been going on and on about passion, money, career, dreams and so on that I do believe my close associates have had enough of me. #heavy sigh#

But maybe, just maybe, I am right! I mean, I have to be right.... I completed University chasing what I though was a career for almost two years only to wake up oneday with the realisation that, I was only chasing a paycheck.

I am a girl of diverse interest and as my girl Mz A of puts it, I'm not too sure whether it is a blessing or a curse.

I love to write, draw, make soaps,butter,natural oils, styling hair,poetry, languages (studied french and is currently studying German),shopping, passionate about children, volunteers at two NGOs, has three business plans ongoing, starting a livestock farm soon, juggling social life and hoping to be a good wife someday

Whew, that is a tall list by any standard but yup, I am passionate about all the above and all of the above gives me more excitement than my job currently. I am planning on making a job out of this but still a wee too scared to leave my stable income... I know, I am a scaredy cat.

So the thing is, I have a wide range of interest... which I have still not figured out what to do with it just as I have not figured out the direction this post is going.... I am just raving and ranting about nothing. #SIGH#

Maybe, someday I will figure out how to put it all together, maybe I have already figured out how to put it all together and just waiting for the right push.Her Prettyness


  1. Wow i feel You,You have Bill Gates written all over but please choice the write moment to leave the steady income job..


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