Monday, August 10, 2009


Used to say life was all about me Said I had to live life to the fullest Cos tomorrow never exists…. Used to live just for me No, not just for me… For me and the devil!!!! I always thought my way was life Said to myself, when i was down all i needed was booze When booze failed, i said sex must do the trick And when that failed, i spiked my speech with wtf, bitch!!! Man, to me, that was life... I used to call myself hottie, Walk down the street almost stark naked... Wake up in a strange man’s bed And damn!!! I said, this is life!!! BOOZE, SEX, PARTIES... Man, i rock dem grillz!!! But damn it , oneday life pulled a fast one on me Cos that man, THE DEVIL… The one I was living for Really knows how to promise you the world ( cos he even did it to Jesus) And end up giving you stones to turn into bread… Oneday, my life, that life, messed me up Oneday, I woke up and I was in a pit A state worse than HELL… I searched real hard for my next bottle of hennys But i was too broke, just couldn’t afford. Men no longer desired me Called me a nasty, broke ass bitch... Down there in the pit, One man still desired me When others called me a smelly bitch Man, he called me royalty. He told me about the future he planned for me Told me for my shame, he bore the cross!!! He didn’t wan my body as the price Unlike most men, He just wanted my heart. He just wanted me to believe That for my sake He bore the cross Man, He gave me life anew Washed me in His blood and made me whole Turned my life round He took my death and gave me life Lifted me outta the bottom of the pit Think i got swag, Think i’m fly.... It’s cos of the Jesus i got ThINK I ROCK, It’s cos i RELY ON CHRIST KOMPLETELY... Think i was hot way back then, See the new things Christ has done with me.. I got me a brand new life, I got me a brand new love A brand new me Tailor made for heavenBought with the blood….. Saved from eternal condemnation Think I got swag? Wonder why I laugh? Think I am fly? It’s cos of the Jesus in me!!!

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