Monday, August 10, 2009


It’s funny how sometimes our silence conveys a message our words cannot express. It’s funny how sometimes walking away is a better way to holding on…. It’s funny how sometimes time tells tales that could never have been told anyway And how sometimes, we see things clearer when the sun sets…. It’s amazing how our eyes are cleared by the tears we shed And how our voices are cleared by the words that remain unsaid It’s amazing how the broken pieces just fall in place Without us lifting a finger to trace the dream Sometimes, when it all falls down When the tears turn to ice in our hearts When memories taunt us about moments That we wish just did not exist Sometimes, when the pain refuses to heal And the wind leaves us shivering with….. When the words just won’t form And the silence seem to choke us…. Remember, when the sun sets in our lives, It provides the perfect moments for us to rest our weary head And pray tomorrow has a better story to tell!! Written on 27/07/09… After a very dramatic weekend. I think my mind works best with drama lol.DRAMA QUEEN??????

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