Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I woke up super early this morning and i realised something very unique...I'M ALIVE... yeah, i'm really alive. I'm not freezing in some cold morgue, my eyes can see, i can touch and i even have another chance to fix my rather messed up or should i say non existent lovelife.. The idea makes me so excited and if it wasn't for the fact that i was in the office, i'd have done my funny happy me dance. I'm actually doing that dance inside me :-) It's funny how i've been quite negative the past couple of days and then for some funny reason today i wake up with a whole happiness in my spirit. I just heard that some american president is dead. That's bad. He doesn't get to eat any more pizza but i have another chance to savour that meal again. He doesn't get to listen to anymore music but i am listening to some country music right now and loving it I'M ALIVE..... I can sing and dance.. i can cry and complain... i can eat, party, laugh, chat... I have another chance to grab life to the fullest. I have another chance to annoy the rest of the world, ANOTHER CHANCE TO MAKE MY DREAMS A REALITY... I'M NOT IN THE GRAVE.... Oh and i nearly forgot, i have another chance to look at gorgeous guys ;-)

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