Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Okay, my almost-in-love misadventure which led to my almost heartbreak story has really gotten me thinking about so many other stuff. Naturally, I’m not the mushy-mushy kinda girl. I’ve had my heart broken quite a number of times but it is really okay cos I have also broken some hearts… But me, I no take do you ah, why should you take do me??? I have never lied that I was single and wanted long term relationship when I just wanted a fling….. I can’t cry cos my heart has been turned into an ice box. My tears are frozen inside me. A stone even has more emotions than me… My almost heartbreak has turned me into a shadow of the girl I used to be… I used to be a carefree happy girl. Yes, I did believe in love cos I have fallen in love once with BROWN EYEZ who eventually ended up breaking my heart…. Yeah, BROWN EYEZ still brings a smile to my face. I am even tempted to call him and tell him how much I miss him. I am tempted to tell him how I am not okay by my self and how I miss his sorry lieing ass. At least with him, I knew he was a lier and I still fell in love with him. But he is not supposed to know I’m not okay… I am even scared of seeing him cos the last time I saw him, I nearly lost my cool. One look into his big puppy brown eyes made me wish I was in his arms. Made me wish, we never ended. Made me wish our three years never ended. Made me wish he never told me he loved another girl….. Made me wish we could still laugh over nothing and still talk about how broke we were….. I just want to tell him that whilst it lasted, he was the best I ever had. I want to tell him that, there are so many nights I stayed up crying my eyes out and wishing he was here. I want to tell him that after him, I’ve almost fallen in love so many times … I want to tell him I am ready to move on so he should let me go. I’d always remember him but I am ready to fall for someone else. Definitely, not another Mr Gorgeous. But I am so ready to move on. I loved him once, I loved him twice but now, the love I have for him is the one a cat has for mice….GOT IT???


  1. ciao prettykay, you're so sweet.

  2. Thanks Italo.... i'm really beginning to enjoy this blogging thing.... it's the perfect place to pour out your hearts