Thursday, August 20, 2009


Dear Me, I know things are so not going my way... But i guess it is expected, i can't always have things going my way.... I mean i've just realised how tired i am of being single and how i wish i was spending my nights in the arms of somebody who wouldn't mind loving just me for the rest of his life ( Talking about somebody who wouldn't mind loving just that possible or it is too far fetched???) I'm a bit down this morning. I just heard some pretty bad news dat has gotten me thinking. A friend of the family just passed away. Very sad... I mean, one moment he was there full of life and the next, he ceased to exist and all that remains are the memories of the times shared together. What really is life all about??? "Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives". We should learn to make each moment count cos each day that passes is a moment gone that cannot be retrieved. I'M EVEN FEELING GUILTY cos the whole of yesterday,i was having an off moment, didn't want to talk to anybody and i was battling with myself. Now i am thinking, if i had passed on yesterday, would i have said i had lived a fulfilling life??? From today, me, i promise to make the best of each day cos i never know when it'd be too late to put a smile on somebody elses face Dear me, as a beautiful young woman, you should always remember gow life works. Life will always provide you with chances. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. All really matters is your attitude to those chances. To succeed in life, it is all about attitudes. Your attitude to situations determine your behaviour to it and consequently, your results... Develop a positive attitude always. Face life with the " i can do it" spirit and you would achieve more than you can ever imagine. Dear me, i love you. i believe u are ther best me God could ever create and i would me a first rate version of myself than a second rate version of anything else


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your family friend.
    Believe in the power of positive thinking! The moment you stop worrying about being single and appreciate and love being single, you will find someone, I promise!
    I love the last part! yes, positive attitude and God does love you. The can do spirit is a great way to think...every moment of every day!!

  2. Lisa, thank you so much for your advise... i'd try hard not to worry. About my family friend, i'm still mourning but i have learnt to live each day to the fullest cos life is such that, one day you are there, the next you are not... I am so grateful that God loves me cos where would i have been if not for his grace???/

  3. my condolences to you.
    truly we are for the most part here today and like the grass, gone tomorrow. but since this 24 hrs is what we can depend on (or rather, this HOUR within the 24 hr), it is best to stretch your soul to the maximum and then some so that when death comes, she can safely say... and YOU can safely say... i am full.

    as for the single part - i had to shake my head. up to... i think about two days ago i was trying to figure that one out myself - the whole is there someone out there/is the concept real. of course in my bit, i often wonder if she came and i didn't bother to notice, so the "someone out there" went BACK out there [chuckles]. most unfortunate. i find in these situations though, it is best to dunk your head in an ipod, pray to God for peace and go write.

    your positive stance reminds me of something i wrote like... a few yrs back. "she will not be comforted... she will not accept a temporary ease.. she will not shut up till the universe gives up of itself... till she is comforted!" or sometimng along those lines.

    keep your head up and be good to your soul.
    God Bless
    tracy j h

  4. @ tracyj, thank you so much for your comment. i feel so much better now. i'm really trying not to bother about the boyfriend bit anymore. there are really much more important issues i can worry my head over. and yeah, positivity is all it takes to survive in this world cos life never gives us what we deserve... we need to reach out and grab it