Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm not gonna promise i'm not ever gonna make you cry,
I'm not gonna say i won't ever hurt you...
I'm not gonna say i'd be your world
Or make your life any better
I'm not gonna say i'm perfect...
But i just wanna be your perfect woman
I'm not gonna make your dream come true
But i just want to be your theme for a perfect dream
I'm just gonna be your shoulders to cry on
And when your tears are done, trust me,
I'm gonna tease you till you want to kill me :-)
Someday, i might just hurt you
But when i do, i promise to make it right
maybe, i might not be able to make it right
But at least, i promise i'd try
I may not be all in all
But all i wanna be is your secret dream
That came true the day you fell for my smile....
And maybe someday our love affair which started as a joke
Will live to see the day we say ' i do"