Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ok, so i'm having a rather, long boring day in the office so i'mma let my mind get busy cos as they say if you don't use it, u lose it( or, that's not what they say??? or they say it to mean sumn really different)
Any which way, as i sit behind desk, i find my eyes checking out my rather male dominated office... ( There are just three girls, that's including me in the whole sales department. How come i never really noticed that?)
So i know all that they say about no office romance blah! blah!! But a word of advise to the management... if they want the crew to be good, they might as well recruit only geeks... (even that kraa....)
Working in a very glamourous industry like this (welcome to the world of the TV people,folks). Things really do happen should i say behind the scenes... Like, i guess it's expected, we are in an environment for the young,young at heart, trendy, hot, adventurous and yeah sometimes a little unexpected spark can burn you alive!!!
Now, i know TV guys are not to be messed with oh.(i know paa cos me ex sumn sumn was in the media business and for the records, he was the first guy to...now i'm blah blah-ing so much) but then media guys are sumn else. Gorgeous, i'm tempted to say sexy but mostly laid back and stuck up at the same time. Don't ask how they are able to put those two attributes together, they just do.
Ok, before i lose track of the whole show, i was on the issue of screwing the crew. I know you can do whatever with whoever and it doesn't necessarily have to end up in the ofice romance category, abi? Lets say i think one of the dudes with the laid back and stuck up attitudes in my office is so cute and after quite some bottles of beer we end up doing a lil sumn sumn. okay, so maybe we kiss( not a lil innocent kiss cos i missed studying that art. ) then in all the in building passion we end up doing stuff and wake up tomorrow as work mates.... I mean no pee
But what if he ends up falling in love and we get married, will i have to quit my job???? Anyway, if i have to choose between my job and a good love, what will i choose???

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