Monday, August 10, 2009


How much did I love you? How far can this go? How much do I love you? Did I ever let it show? How long will I miss you? Why did you have to go? How much will I miss you? I don't ever want to know. And if the birds stop singing and the sun won't even shine, Even if bees stop buzzing, I'll still remember you, with this broken heart of mine. If love is a story that never has to end, Why am I so lonely? I miss my best friend. When i first saw your smile I knew i wanted more of you in this heart of mine And when i first kissed you I knew a new page has been opened in destiny for us two Somehow, i ceased to exist without you And when you left i was left sad and blue Somehow, i fell so in love with you Walked around with my feet tingling in my shoes And a permanent smile plasterd on my face.... For you, each night i went on my knees and prayed this love was not just a phase I heard so many "HE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU" And i looked straight into their eyes and said that just can't be true It's been three long years now Since the day you told me the love you have has gone down I wake up still praying that for some reason you'd call And tell me you still want to catch me when i fall For you, i still cry hard Cos you walked away with every faith i have Yeah, i listen to T.D JAKES; LET IT GO And i tell myelf i deserve to let you know I listen to Juanita's: NO MORE SHEETS And i say, i'm done with wishing i was between your sheets But i still want to be in your arms I want to share with you my future plans But i see you with your girl And i've learnt to fake a smile no matter how bad it hurts And if the birds stop singing and the sun won't even shine, Even if the bees stop bussing, I'll still love you with this broken heart of mine.

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  1. inspired by the haunting thoughts of a first love that had to end.... maybe every body else was right, he was just not that into me