Monday, August 10, 2009


You know how it’s difficult to believe in something you’ve just not seen Like I don’t believe in santa clause or the tooth fairy… I just find it difficult to believe in anything That can’t be seen, felt or touched…. I’m not so different from everybody I believe… But funny enough, just as I am so like you, I am different Cos I find myself believing in hell… Hahaha, I can imagine the loud laugh that escaped out of your throat as you read that line. Hahahaha…. Hehehehehe….. But that’s the truth, I do believe in hell Cos I’ve been there,seen there, stayed there Now, you all must be thinking, This girl is nuts… She must be insane But honestly, I’ve seen hell I saw hell when I fell in love When I fell in love, I saw the devil When I fell in love, I felt the hot coals of hell When I fell in love, I felt how it was for the soul to thirst and not to be quenched When I fell in love, I believed in hell In his arms, I felt the burning coals In his eyes, I saw the devil yearn for my soul In his kiss, I felt my soul yearn for water When I fell in love, I saw hell When he lied, I felt a demon tear out my heart And when I begged him to stay, I realized why many willingly served the devil… I’ve been through hell for a man And one hell is enough. Won’t go to hell cos of a man When I fell in love, I believed in hell And the bible said, all fornicators will go to hell I’ve been to hell for a man I DEFINITELY WON’T GO THERE FOR ETERNITY COS I COULDN’T SAY NO TO SEX WHETHER SEX OR NOT, FOR ETERNITY IN HELL, IT IS SO NOT WORTH IT

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