Monday, August 17, 2009


It's a monday morning and i'm catching up on the events and excitements that went on during the weekend. ( it was such an exciting weekend. i just can't believe how dramatic just two days off the week could be)
Anyway, after a lot of partying over the weekend, i'm finally sane enough to blog on the events that went on. well,
FRIDAY NIGHT: The entire sales team went to watch a movie at the silver bird cinema. Man, HANGOVER is a must watch movie. very funny. We all sat on the last row at the cinema, laughing our lungs out and cracking jokes. What a great way to unwind after a hard week work...
However, prior to the movie date, i went out to dinner with a "wanna be" boyfriend. As i enjoyed my dinner, i pretended not seeing him check yours truly out... (well, don't blame me, i'm
I just love it when guys are interested and cant say...
SATURDAY NIGHT: hahahahaaaa.... the peak of my weekend!!! well, i was at the y-fm pool tournament. exciting... you should have seen me.. looking all hot and sexy and having dat much fun. Talking about saturday night.. i have this collegue and friend who actually created a concept about finding love through the phone blah blah for y-fm. Any which way, last saturday as we were driving around painting Osu red, he lost his phone (ahem!! ahem!!! i don't know whether to call it a blessing in disguise) AND GUESS WHO FOUND THE PHONE!!!! some girl bi and they had some long phone calls to each other.. is he finding love through the phone??? I'd keep you informed on the nitty-gritty of his soon to be love life.
Still on saturday night... Ididn't know that Accra was such an exciting place to live. I ended up at the night beach.. OMG, man, people are chilling oh!!! The food, music, environment...( it's hard to be a good girl when you are sitting at the shores starring at the stars) but you know me, PrettyKay has had her life altered by the cross so charley, i let the Christ in me shine( but it ain't easy) especially when you are being tempted by some other memories of some other rendez-vous at some other night beach in the arms of some other
SUNDAY NIGHT: After a very long and dramatic saturday night, i spent sunday night at the saloon getting my hair braided. I'm so looking good so that's how my very exciting weekend go. what did you do last weekend???


  1. I still haven't seen the Hangover yet, but after this weekend, I think its about time! Seems like we both were pretty busy!

    Glad you had fun on your date!!!

  2. Lisa, you should see the movie.... it'd crack you up. i think it's the comedy movie of the year.... Yeah, i had a pretty busy weekend. with all that excitement... somehow, i forgot i still lived on planet earth. lol. so what did you do during the weekend???