Thursday, September 3, 2009


I just don't know how to start. i want to bare it all out but a little bit of me is scared of baring out my soul to total strangers. However, other part of me says just do it cos they'd never know who you are any other way anyway. For once in my life, iam going to be spontaneous and just spit it out. For the past twenty two years of my life.... I was on a long journey on the broad road. I knew there was a God but that God was not meant for me. He loved others but not me... He gave others perfect families but not me... He always had other peoples back but not mine. Yeah, i had a good roof over my head, was the pampered baby of the family, was lucky to be created gorgeous but all that i was enough for me. I WAS JUS NOT A GOD PERSON... i was more of the boy's girl. i loved life in the fast lane. Organised and went for the wildest parties, dated wild boys.....OMG I was the perfect candidate for hell ( AND YES HELL IS REAL) In my final year in uni, i met the most beautiful girl i had ever met and yes she was prettier than me. She had the sweetest voice i could ever think of and God was so real to her. She introduced me to Jesus, the wonderful man who made her life worth living and since the day i met that man.... i've been walking on clouds!!! YEAH HE WOOED MY HEART AND DIED FOR MY SIN!!! He is the sweetest man i ever met, he doesn't lie or cheat. He's there just when i need him. He listens and whenever i cry he is there to wipe my tears . He loves sme more than anyone else has ever loved me.. IT IS REAL. HE IS LOVE.... Now, here is the part i am so embarrassed to say, I AM A CHEAT... since the day i met him, i have felt real love but i am ashamed to say i am scared to let the world go. i have let most of the world go but i still find myself holding on to a lil bit. I am so scared that lil bit will stop me from going to heaven and i want to go to heaven.... Her Prettyness

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