Thursday, September 3, 2009


For my sake, you walked on this earth Not as the king you are with treasures beneath But as the lowly carpenter's son With nothing to offer but love, wonders and signs For my sake you had to die... Just to save this wretched heart of mine I was there when they crucified you What did you think of me? As you gave up your lif on the tree Did you see my disregard when they crucified you?? It only helps when i look at this from a lovers eye Right from creation, my heart you tried to win With the mountains, you impressed me with your might With the flowers, your gentility The raindrops showed me your ability to wash it clean The thunderstorm, your roar When all this did not catch my eye you went to the extreme just for my sake You layed down your crown and your kingly robe And came down for me as my lover, the carpenter's son I must confess You really did impress me when you healed the woman with the infirmity And caused the blind to see The leper's to leap And the dead again to breathe How did you feed the five thousand with fises which number only five? But you say with you, numbers matter less I was impressed but still had my doubts Somehow you sensed each doubr And knew how fleeting this human heart of mine was For my sake, you bared it all on the cross With tears in my eyes, i wondered why i doubted But to prove your worth, you rose again Not as the lowly carpenter's son But as the king you are Still seeking this human heart of mine MY LORD, I HAND OVER MY HEART TO YOU INFACT I HAND OVER ALL OF ME...... Her Prettyness


  1. This brought tears to my eyes... It feels like something I would write!...hehe...amazing love!

  2. @ Maxine, thanx... @ Mr. Chap, AMEN

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