Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's amazing how as girls we are very fast in droning on and on about how he broke our hearts and shattered our dreams blah! blah!! and are quick to conclude that ALL MEN ARE THE SAME!!! Today, i am here to tell you to quit lying to yourself... Hell, all men are not the same. At worst they are different shades of the same colour and so are we girls too. yeah, there are still some good men left ( insert smiley face here) and they need women who won't categorise them into the ALL MEN ARE DUMB AND HEARTBREAKERS BOX!!! Our men need women who will stand tall for them, believe in them, respect them and not choke them with their whinings (and you all know i'm not talking about their mamas here) Seriously, enough of the manipulaton!!! Enough of the i knew you will do this tales!!!! Enough of the you broke my heart sad songs we've gotten so used to singing!!!ENOUGH!!! And if we girls don't see our men for who they are, Oneday, they'd just pack, leave without looking back and give we women a reason to say all men are the same. It's true there are a few rubbish men out there ( I know that for a fact, dated quite a few....) but well, like i always say whatever happened to me, i had a role to play in it. Has it occured to you that your attitude is making your man rubbish??? Your whining is making him more of an absentee man than he wish he was.... Your fake tears is driving him to nuts???? Have you bothered to ask yourself what is happening to the sweet man you met??? Why does he choose the boys over you now??? Why won't he bother praying with you anymore??? why this ???? why that?? WELL GIRL, YOU HAPPENED TO HIM!!!! AND IF YOU DON'T WATCH IT, YOU'D DRIVE HIM AWAY. STAND TALL FOR THAT GOOD MAN WHO LOVES ONLY YOU AND SAVE THE NAGGINGS FOR THOSE WHO REALLY NEED IT..... RESPECT AND TRUST THAT MAN WHO CHOSE YOU OUT OF THE LOT AND HE'D RESPECT AND TRUST YOU TOO Inspired by my girl Nidra's facebook status and girl you are a Ladies! Let's b true 2 ourselves. We've manipulated our men wit our emotions 4 2 long. We hv 2 stop. Yes! Dey may b taking it all 2day but 1 day, they may walk out of d door n neva come bk! I sure don't want dat 2 happen n i'm sure u don't want dat 2. Its tym 2 let our men b lifted!!! Her Prettyness

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