Monday, June 21, 2010


I wish flowers could bloom indoors And the sun just wouldn't be that scorchy today. I wish i had chocolates in my fridge That i could munch on without thinking of weight gain. I wish love was more than a four letter word Maybe then it wouldn't suck that bad. I wish people will keep all their promises Maybe then my ears will be spared the agony of listening to their excuses. I wish my bestfriend was right here with me Cos that will be one wish off my wishlist! I wish i wasn't this confused But i am!! I wish there really was a santa who came down all year round. Maybe he'd take all my wishes and make them come true. I wish i wasn't such a sucker for boys with pretty faces Maybe my life would have been less dramatic. I wish i wasn't such a drama queen! But hell, my life would have been so boring. I wish my room will develop a habit of cleaning itself up, instead of waiting for me. I wish all clothes came with a do not iron sign stuck to it! I wish i didn't have a wishlist But I DO! I wish i wasn't this bored, confused and sad. THEN I WOULDN'T HAVE A WISHLIST AND NOT BOTHERED TO WRITE THIS NOTE Her Prettyness

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