Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I saw her at Osu yesterday.... wearing some huge designer dark glasses but funny enough i couldn't shake the feeling all wasn't well with her. Well, i told myself, maybe i still hate her for what she did three years ago. Funny enough, she recognised me... me?? i just couldn't imagine how she can see with those huge dark glasses perched rather neatly on her nose... She walked towards me, this time without the huge grin she had on her face the last time i saw her.. She actually had what i thought was a tear streaming down her cheek (nonsense!!! mtchew!!!) She actually had the nerve to sit at the empty seat next to me without waiting for an invite and removed her "obolo" gucci shades and what i saw actually made me scream damn!! ( I instantly forgot i had sworn never to swear in public again) but the swelling of her left eye was just too much She looked straight into my eyes and said, "yes, it started just 3 months after we were married"... If i knew he was a wife beater like..... Trust me, to finish up for her, like you wouldn't steal him from me??? Well, lets rewind the story, It started three years ago when i was in my final year in the uni dating Mr. Fly ass... Yes, we were the perfect pair.... PrettyKay and Mr. Fly ass forever. He was everything i ever wanted in a man, i swore i was gonna marry him ( and am i glad i didn't make that mistake) .. Well, oneday, i introduced him to this BIYYYAAATTCHHH i met yesterday who was my room mate back then and that marked the end of the beginning Next thing i know.... she was telling me "he was the best i never had" nonsense!! ah never had, wasn't he mine before he was yours....??? Needless, to say, i was totally heartbroken.. herh, the way i cried paa eh... I even swallowed my pride and begged him to come back to me. (Yes it was that bad) Less than a year later, my friends called me to tell me Miss Bitch was marrying Mr. Fly Ass.... God, i CRIED HARD!!! But with each tear drop, i found myself loving him less and hating him more.. I tore up all the happy pictures of us together and started life anew... The next time i saw him was at a party with ma new boo and Mr. Fly Ass who is not so flyy anymore was dead drunk and and publicly making out with some chick... ( i started counting my blessings) Well, i never saw miss bitch ever again after she became Mrs Fly Ass till yesterday and trust me, she could have been a poster child for battered women.. Her hubby must have world boxing champion ambitions cos he sure is using her for a punching bag.... Hmm, i didn't say a word after she finished her complains cos i didn't want to be dragged into her marital issues and well, i had a boo to meet for lunch so i packed my bag and walked right outta the door. Maybe, i should have said something but all i really wanted to say was, "serves you right" and i guess some things are best left unsaid...... It's no need bothering yourself over which part of the story is true and which part is fiction.... Moral of my story is... before you wish for someone's shoes...WALK A MILE IN 'EM Her Prettyness


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