Thursday, June 24, 2010


Last night, I stayed up pretty late too ecstatic to sleep after the Ghana-Germany match so i resolved to watching movies on my lappie, hoping that will somehow make me sleepy.... Halfway through my second movie and still a long way from sleep... i noticed a couple of very exciting things which happen in the world of Walt Disney and 20th Century movies 1) Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl, Girl flexes boy, Boy finally gets to kiss girl and make love and then voila...THEY ARE IN LOVE 2)Boy and girl actually believe they are in love just cos they had sex 3)Sex in movie land is totally overrated ( Or that is just my honest opinion) 4) Whoever is the brain behind these movies is crazy.... seriously. He lives in fantasy land and feeds girls with crazy thoughts that once you slept with the boy all is well.... He should ask Beyonce why she only sung "PUT A RING ON IT" or whatever the title of that song is after she was married to Jay and not before 5) How come it is only in movies that perfect love exist?? Perfect boy and perfect girl find perfect love???? Now, i really wanna live in movie land 6) It's only in movie land that you can change how a guy feels about you by sleeping with him. In reality, if he don't like you...all the sex under God's pretty earth won't change his mind. Well, maybe it'd keep him glued to you for a while till the next hot chick comes around 7) It is only in movie land that a man goes ahead to marry a girl after he found out he slept with his bestfriend... Seriously, i can bet my last coin this does not happen in reality 8) It is only in movie land that man travels halfway across the globe to meet a girl he saw only once in a bus and exchanged less than 10 words with her. 9) It is only in movie land that girl meets guy in crowded streets and wakes up next to him the following day (WELL, THIS MAY BE MY RATHER GHANAIAN MIND THINKING) 10) It's only in movie land that everything ends happily ever after.................. and the end does justify the means And that was the point where i decided i was checking out of reality and moving in to movie land.... Man, life must be very easy in there Her Prettyness


  1. lol... hold on a sec, so i can pack, real world sucks big time.

  2. @ Lucci, when u get there call me... I'd pick u up from the

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