Monday, June 21, 2010


I once loved a boy Whose smile turned me into a toy... Whose kisses and laughter, I liked better than fanta. I once liked a boy, Who held my hands whilst i crossed the street And told me of the life we'd have and how sweet it'd be. Together we built in our dreams And with each brick of fantasy, I liked the boy with every bit of me. I once liked a boy who though was a man was just a boy A thirty year old boy And wore suit to the office. And drove a car. A thirteen year old boy in a thirty year old man's body! I was told he was a man but to me, he was just a boy And i, a full grown woman. I once was a woman Who liked a thirty year old boy But women can't play with boys And i had no need for a toy So i let go of my boy Cos what i needed was a man and not a toy! So many years have gone by My memories of my boy have faded. But i saw him today and he's still a boy I guess my boy did not grow when i did. And grown women don't play with small boys. Her Prettyness


  1. wow! i totally love you post. Hits a lil close to home, only that my man looks like a boy, but he's man heheheh......

  2. For when a woman loves a boy..its clear she brings a lot to the table, and he brings absolutely nothing, except dirty clothes from playing in the sand after school..and that just won't do. So when a woman loves a boy, she kicks him to the curb, and finds herself a man :)

  3. @ Lucci, give me a man who looks like a boy any day and i'd love him for life but a man who acts like a boy is a major curse.hehehehe

    @ Shels, u know what they say, if you sleep with dogs, u'd get fleas... if you play with boys, trust me, u'd be washing dirty clothes for