Thursday, July 8, 2010


SUAREZ (Verb). a. To viciously and proactively inhibit or halt the progress of a person, an establishment or a nation. Eg. The team's opportunity to score was SUAREZed by a member of the opposing team. (b). To act in a way that is deliberate and intentional, though spontaneous, yet calculated to frustrate the advancement of an adversary. Eg. As pressure built up in the dying moment of the game, a shot at goal was SUAREZed by an opponent standing next to the goal post. (Noun). a. A state of being where all your effort are visibly and overtly being frustrated and impeded. Eg. I am in a state of SUAREZ, please don't stress me further. (b) A purposeful behavior intended to disregard rules or engagement so as to prevent an opponent from eminent victory. Eg. The first thought that came to Fernando's mind was to cause SUAREZ in order to save the day. (Adverb) Describing a frustrated state of mind where force is directed, deliberately and intentional. Eg. The Uruguayan SUAREZedly prevented the ball from entering the post. SYNONYMS Frustrate, prevent, stress, halt, oppose, challenge, resist. Origin-Root word is from the extinct Inca language meaning "an erratic young man with the tendency to frustrate the effort of all those who deal with him whether in peacetime or wartime". Since that time SUAREZ, as the entity otherwise known as Lius is popularly called in Ghana because of the inscription at the back of his jersey, has become a household name in Ghana and Ghanaians have not been economical with their curses on him. People sleep cursing, eat cursing, walk cursing and ....all the motion curses you can think of. YAKUBU (Ya-ku-bu) v. Ya*ku*bu, Ya*ku*bu*ed, Ya*ku*bus 1. To utterly squander once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, especially one that will cause pain to/mourning among millions of people 2. To mistake a platter of gold for a potty, and to go ahead and defecate all over it, while millions watch in distress, dread and disbelief 3. To be presented with an open door of success and to woefully fail to step in 4. To lack the zest, fervour, and drive to complete the easiest of tasks 5. To fail awfully at a very easy and uncomplicated task (Etymology: Derived from Yakubu Aiyegbeni's horribly missed opportunities duringNigeria 's lackluster performance against South Korea at the 2010 Soccer World Cup) Usage: "Mrs. Marriage Counsellor, I am terribly pained! It was our wedding night! I was ready. . .But. . . But. . .He didn't know what to do! I tried to help, but he Yakubu'ed!" "All she needed to do was show up and the get the job that was waiting for her - Guess what? She Yakubu'ed the opportunity." Prayer: "Father, may I not Yakubu any door You open in my life in Jesus name!" Example of the pain/mourning referenced in #1 above: "Yakubu! My unborn child won't forgive him" (Source: Acidosis) Synonyms: 1. Waste foolishly 2. Fritter away 3. Dissipate casually 4. Lose effortlessly 5. Waste pipe (Source: chi-baby's papa!) OTHER MEANINGS AND DERIVATIVES [b]YAKUBUOLOGY (Ya-ku-bu-o- lo-gy) n. Ya*ku*bu*o*lo* gy A situation where family demons travel long distance (no visa required) with a person, wait for that individual's moment of glory, and strike that person with a persistent lack of common sense. Usage: "That man Yakubus from time to time. That's why nothing works for him!" YAKUBU (Ya-ku-bu) n. Ya*ku*bu, Ya*ku*bu*ed, Ya*ku*bus Sociology: A situation where the ghastly performance of ONE individual triggers large-scale cases of hypertension, screaming, collasping, sighing, and sometimes, extended periods of loss of appetite among OTHER people in the society. Please note: The perpetuator remains perfectly healthy. YAKUBU (Ya-ku-bu) n. Ya*ku*bu, Ya*ku*bu*ed, Ya*ku*bus When an individual or organization capitulates or fails to perform the least of its expected duties Usage: "I'm pissed the bank is Yakubued; how am I supposed to get some money now?!" (Source: OgidiBoy) OTHER USES "Afolabi is a Yakubu waiting to happen! Etuhu, Shittu, Ayila? All of them are Yakubus waiting to happen. Tragic!" (Source: nearest) (BLOGGERS NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL WORK. MA BIG SIS SENT IT TO MY INBOX AND I JUST THOUGHT IT WAS WORTH SHARING SINCE I'M STILL HATING DAT SUAREZ FELLA) Her Prettyness


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