Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey blogsville, First of all, I give up on that crazy 30 day letter challenge cos it's too much hard work and I'm not really one to bare it all in public!!! I learnt a huge lesson this weekend and this is it. Never ask a man for his opinion cos U might not like what he has to say and you've automatically given him reason to always voice out his unwanted opinions The boo said something yesterday and i totally agree. Men are extemists. IF YOU ARE LOOKING EXTREMELY PRETTY OR EXTREMELY UGLY, TRUST 'EM TO TELL U BUT IF THEY SAY NOTHING, IT ONLY MEANS YOU LOOK OKAY...NOT TOO SHABBY.... So the next time u think u are looking fab and your man doesn't say a word, it means you are looking alright... Crazy men!!!! lol On another note, My heart has been broken by 11 men... I'm serious. Oh black stars...hmm, I keep replaying the match in my head and i keep hating that Suarez fella more.... I think Suarez was sent from hell to make sure Africa's hope was shattered "If only Suarez had chosen to be a carpenter or a teacher then he wouldn't have been on the pitch at that time...but noooooo,trust evil Suarez,he chose to be a footballer so he could stab Africa in the back.damn racist!"... Ma heartbreak is so realllll But I still love the stars tho.. As from now, All my sons will be strikers for black stars Her Prettyness


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  2. I learnt the hard way. I once fixed a "pony"_ plaster the hair to the scalp, attach horse mane.
    Dude never said a word, like he'd suddenly lost his sight. It comes off, and mister says "oh... you finally took it off" MEN!!!

    That was the end, me and "pony" no dey see eye to eye lol
    As for Suarez, i hope a gang of gay men, go corner him hahaha...

  3. @ Lucci, lmao... hehehehe, men eh.. they are impossible. I once had a pony incident too. Only i was told my head looked like a football by the boo so i guess it was dat bad...
    As for Suarez eh, hmm.... may his bed be infested by bed bugs for the rest of his

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