Friday, July 2, 2010


DAY 1 – My Best Friend Hi Best FriendS, I really don't know where to start this note from so i guess i'd start by saying thank you for being u and for sticking by me through it all. I know I'm a big pest but somehow u lot have stuck by me through it all. For real, I've known some of you longer than i've known others but nontheless, together u all have touched my lives in special ways... Some of you always bring out the sensitivity in me... and some of you bring out my crazy side.... Some of you make me wanna get my boxing gloves and fight my way through life and some of you make me know everything is just gonna be alright.... It's amazing how far we all have come and how far we are going but if there is one thing i've grown to learn it is the fact that nothing can replace the love of a true friend. Together, we'd cry, laugh,love and forever remain FABULOUS.... THANK U LOT FOR BEING THERE WHEN MY HEART GOT BROKEN...AND FOR TELLING ME IT WAS OK TO CRY THANK YOU FOR BEING HAPPY WITH ME NOW AND PRAYING THIS LASTS FOREVER THANK U FOR READING ALL MY POEMS EVEN THOUGH I KNOW U'D RATHER BE DOING SOMETHING ELSE THANK YOU FOR HANDLING ALL MY EXCESSES THANK YOU FOR LOVING AND HATING ON MY HAIR ....LOL THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NUMEROUS FUN WE'VE HAD TOGETHER If i had to choose my bestfriends all over again I'd still choose you and like i once said, boyfriends will come and go but you people will always be in my heart. LOVE YOU ANGELS...and i only pray i've been such a good friend to you all (*blogger's note* the photos up there is only a cross section of my bestfriends and me cos blogger won't allow me to post all or rather i got lazy) Her Prettyness


  1. The say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... I'm flattered. lol. And hey! I aint socially challenged or lame. Crazy girl! love u too

  2. Oye, hmm, u sure u ain't??? lol. Lol, wen i read it on ur blog, thought i'd try it out but it sounds like hard work..will see how long i can go before i give up

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