Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hi there... I really wish I didn't ever have to write this note or that you never get the chance to read this note. Honestly, so if you ever stumble across this post anywhere, don't tell me about it. First, I know you know I kinda like you but you know it gotta stay that way. I mean, I think you are really really cute.. .I love your laid back attitude and when I see you doing your DJ things, it just does something to me.... (Absolutely crazy considering I am someone's girl and i just pray ma boo never sees this anyway) So really what happened to us??? You know we had our chances when I was single and you were single too???? Why didn't we do something about it?? We just ended up hanging round eachother and becoming TOO FRIENDS to be lovers... But it's all good cos I don't think I really want to be your girl anyway... Sometimes, I remember the one time we kissed (and i really liked it). I sometimes imaging what really would have happened to us if we dated.. .Maybe, we would have broken up by now cos honestly, i don't see myself dating you long term. Iknow i\m absolutely insane but that is true.... To conclude, i guess the basis for this note is to tell you that, I like you but I LOVE somebody else so maybe I'd stay liking you for a long time. Take care Her Prettyness (bloggers side note: This is only day 2 of the challenge and I'm realising how tough it is to bare it out on blogsville.I found this challenge on my girls blog and you and i liked the idea but mehn, thid is tough. Let's see how long I'd last before i give up)


  1. Same here, I wonder about the friend i kissed.

  2. @ Tetekai, i guess it will always be a wonder..... so many what ifs but definately no answers

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