Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I SWEAR I CAN NEVER BE A LESBIAN!!!! Not only because the bible says, though mostly cos the bible says so but also because it takes a lot of energy to love someone of the same sex than to love someone of the opposite sex I've really sat down and imagined me dating a girl and decided that even if I wake up someday and decide God made a mistake of creating me as a girl so I can't love men and find me some girl to call my own, I'd be dumped in the first 24 hours AND THE GIRL WILL PROBABLY HATE ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and that will go into my record of shortest relationship ever breaking my already existing one week 1)Okay, girls really irritate me (Don't get me wrong, some of my favourite friends are girls and i even got a girl best friend) but generally, girls irritate me. Girls got this holier-than-thou attitude guys lack. Guys can easily be friends without the usual back biting, hating and gossips girls are so fond of. That is one majopr reason why I'd always roll with guys and not girls 2) When a guy says he cares about you, often a little part of him really does ( FORGET ABOUT THE LYING BASTARDS, THEY ARE NOT PART OF THIS STUDY) But some girls ( not my girls) only pretend to care just to get some juicy info they can spread around. I recently changed my facebook relationship status to SINGLE and i got mails and IMs from girls I had not heard from in ages all asking if I was ok. These are girls who once upon a time said bad things about me. One girl actually had the nerve to once say, I can't hold a relationship for long and now she suddenly cares if I am ok cos I say I am single..... Please, gal is only wondering if the boo and I really broke up so she can have something to say at her next bitch about PRETTYKAY's meeting.... PUH-LEASE!!!! 3) Girls have PMS..... and if theirs is anything like mine, our relationship will be very interesting to say the least and I'm sure we'd have one major fight at least once a month and If we stick together to the ripe old age of menopause, life will be very interesting!!! hahahahaaa 4) I wanna have lots of children and I don't want adoption to be my only option... I DON'T want artificial insermination either, I want to have fun making them too :P 5) I guess God just made me to love men with their flaws and all.... To wanna get married to a great guy someday, have lots of kinds, watch him teach our kids stuff only daddy's can.... Grow old together and someday be grandparents our kids can brag about (BTW, I LOVE THE TITLE...COULDN'T THINK OF ANYTHING BETTER.LOL) Her Prettyness


  1. I find this pretty interesting.
    About 2, the gossip thing is annoying ain't it? But because i am very abrupt with people, i don't get asked about my personal stuff. The only people privy to it are few and don't know each other. :)
    Gal-on-gal action will not fly with me either. Oh, the error! :) lol

  2. Tetekai, trust me, that is a very smart decision. Most people in our lives dun rli care like we fink they do. They just want fila so they scan share. I\ve learnt ma lesson paa. Id rather spill out ma guts on blogsville than tell any of those facebook bestfriends

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