Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In life, sometimes you are just doing your own things, Minding your own business. Then someone comes along. They don't ask for much, They just do something stupid like smile at u or say hello. Then suddenly your life seems brighter. It's like someone lit a torch in your dark room :-) That smile or hello becomes the first of many beautiful memories. Memories you can't take out of your mind and you won't even want to. Sometimes, life offers you a gift u didn't know you needed. A gift that makes everything better. It could be a spouse, a best friend or a boo. But that someone knows you inside out. Understands your flaws and loves you all the same.. He/ she offers to hold your hand and walks with you. Nope, these special gifts are not perfect either. Sometimes they'd make you cry but the magic is, THEY ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT RIGHT AGAIN...... *DEDICATED TO THOSE SPECIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE WHO HAVE DEALT WITH MY EXCESSES AT ONE POINT OR THE OTHER AND STILL LOVE ME... Twinny, bestie and the boo :) Her Prettyness

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