Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I could swear for the first time in my life i met me And she didn't stop to say hi She walked with that same i can't be bothered look in her eyes She walked with the same strong bold step And jeez, the chica scared me stiff I met me today, Not infront of the mirror like i usually do But i met a real, live breathing me I tried talking to her but she snubbed me Well, of late that has been the trend with this me I followed me around today, Watched me as i went about my daily tasks Some of the things this me did, scared me Others made me smile Yet still some brought tears to my eyes I watched me as i "chilled" with my friends Watched me on the phone with the boo I also watched me fight with my mum And decided this me needed a serious talking to Today, i looked into my eyes And saw the tears i tried hard to hide I saw the fear i tried to pretend does not exist And i hated me for being weak........ Today, i met me for the first time And i understood why I am me And what makes me up Today, i saw me walking down the street I saw the me I pretended does not exist And this me scares the hell out of me


  1. Watch it... ur beginning to write serious stuff like me! lol. love it. but then again, love u

  2. Taking a step back to have a critical look at ourselves reveals good and bad. it is up to decide whether to move a step further or not at all.
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