Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hey blogsville, I'm here having a rather lazy sunday evening and as you all can see, i changed the name of my blog.... First of ALL, I made two great discoveries this weekend (and trust me, i realised I'm an Einstein in the making) I REALISED I'M A SEMI-SERIOUS CHICK....Duh!!! but for real, i am. i can get all serious and sentimental and even come up with great philosophies at times and within a split second, i'm back to being all playful. I think it's a unique gift from God.... A perfect combination for a stress free life.... and if you've been reading my posts, u'd realise that Second major realisation which I'm sure will put my name on the globe is...... DRUMROLLS!!!! LOVE IS OVER RATED!!! Trust me, it is.... I mean seriously it is I can't explain why i say it is but all i know is, it is Sup with u all??? Her Prettyness

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