Thursday, September 30, 2010


I promised myself never to blog about my hair. I'd rather stick to irritating my facebook friends with my numerous picture upload. But seriously, some of the natural hair I've been seeing on the street of Accra won't allow me to shut up... Ei, as for some of the hair, u don't know if they are allergic to combs, good washing or detangling...... And as for others, I'm sure, they'd look fashionable on a mad man but on a sane full grown woman...sister please!!! Yesterday, at circle, i nearly stopped a woman and volunteered to buy her a box of relaxer and take her to the hair dresser myself cos her hair was a major not , not!!! Ghanaian Naturals, we live in the tropics, which means it is usually very hot and humid and our hair tends to get dry and frizzy (as compard to our relaxed sistas) so the secret to making our hair look fab is to keep it moisturised. Water, shea butter and essential oils such as olive oil will do the trick... And please if your twists look frizzy, take them out!!!! The worst culprits are the ones with the bleached ends...jeez!!! I CAN'T STAND THOSE ONES... Our natural hair is beautiful. If you don't believe me check me or check out Miss Fizz of or Mae of or all those fab natural hair site. Or better still pay the natural hair stylists in Accra such as Mikesh or Twists and Locs a visit.Trust me, you'd get your money's worth cos SISTA, YOU ONLY WENT NATURAL NOT ON AN ATTEMPT TO LOOK LIKE A MAD MAN Her Prettyness


  1. True. They are the ones giving natural hair a bad name.

  2. lol... i'm nursing the idea of going natural too but that means cutting off the perm. Is there some other way i can go natural without starting at fresh. Last year i got a perm cut, and it's now growing back the thought of cutting it again...

  3. hehehe... we need natural hair police in Ghana paa... Some rock theirs with style and make u wanna cut all your permed ends off (I know someone will claim this for herself *nudge*) but others make u wanna run straight to the salon for a good dose of 'creamy crack' just in case ur hair is looking anything like theirs...

  4. @ Tetekai, it's not funny at all. some of the hair dier, proper bola

    @Lucci, u can transition till your natural hair grows but in the long run the perm will have to go off

    @ Oye *beaming with pride* i know mine rocks but seriously, some of the hair im seeing... very soon id be setting up an ngo called natural hair no be by force... we'd be encouraging people to go back to the creamy

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