Friday, October 8, 2010


In today's world that everybody is sleeping with everybody, i believe the existence of the word INCEST has outlived it's usefulness in the dictionary. Space, time and resources will not allow me to go on like I would like to about the gross things going on in the name of sexual liberation. Sexual liberation, just the word has me rolling on the floor laughing my rather fabulous ass off . The word should be more like sexual slavery or sexual prison. Walk into any pub today and I can bet you my last bottom dollar or in this case pesewa that you'd find two guys or gals who have made out or had sex with the same gal or guy whether knowingly or unknowingly. It gets even more disgusting if you decide to probe further. Yep, u'd find cousins, brothers, sisters and best friends receiving sexual favours from the same guy or girl and craftily calling It love making. LOVE MAKING INDEED!! What the hell do these people know about love. I remember reading something about incest which I can't remember no matter how hard I try in the bible but even if the bible says nothing about it, doesn't common human sense tell you that having a threesome with twins or sisters or brothers is sickening? Interesting thing is whereas the culture of threesomes and so on isn't rampant in Ghana, it's cousin the ever famous LOVE MAKING Love making...... or incest???? I think both words are being used interchangeably for the same crazy thing!!!!! Okay, let me break this even further, If a guy dates a girl, breaks up with her and dates her big brother's ex.... What do you call it??? I know ity looks harmless enough but what if he had sex with his ex, his ex's big brother had sex with his ex who is now sleeping with his dude???/ (ewww!!!!!) Now, let me expand the maze even further and you'd realise how scary it really is.... Scary in the sense that it doesnt even look scary, A dates B whilst hvn affair with C. C ends the affair and dates D who is A's ex. D on the other hand once had an affair with E, B's sister. E is nw dating A's bestfriends brother and A's bestfriend is nw dating D! interestin huh? in reality, it dont look bad but its nasty! Now do we call this love making???? I call it incest in it's rawest form Looking at this, I now understand why all religions don't condone sex before marriage cos you can never know who he/she has been... Next time, you are gonna make love with someone you are not married to, take a mental walk down the maze and imagine if he slept with that fly girl ur brother is doing or what if, your ex is now doing that girl he once slepty with??? To conclude, Ezekiel 22:6 (Message bible) "'Your leaders, the princes of Israel among you, compete in crime. You're a community that's insolent to parents, abusive to outsiders, oppressive against orphans and widows. You treat my holy things with contempt and desecrate my Sabbaths. You have people spreading lies and spilling blood, flocking to the hills to the sex shrines and fornicating unrestrained. Incest is common. Men force themselves on women regardless of whether they're ready or willing. Sex is now anarchy. Anyone is fair game: neighbor, daughter-in-law, sister. Murder is for hire, usury is rampant, extortion is commonplace. "'And you've forgotten me. Decree of God, the Master. Her Prettyness


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