Sunday, September 12, 2010


I just had to turn this my facebook status into a blog post. Don't you just hate some of the text lingo we got going on... Well, i'm the queen of text lingos but seriously, even me, can't stand some of them. I especially hate it when people write AM when the they mean I'M . So i posted the ff on facebook and this is what my genius friends got to say ME on facebook: I jx hate it when people write 'AM' when they mean I'M.... Seriously guys... Friday at 10:42 via Mobile Web Wenty Pretty Alfah: Lmao ooh naa, can't we actually go a day without ur wahala,??? Miss u tho' Friday at 10:43 ·· George B K Dartey: but u still get the sense out of it ...lmao Friday at 10:44 ·· Frances-Marie Karikari-Appenteng: I agree with u 100% Friday at 10:59 · Essence Shenée: I thought it was an African thing . lol. But seriously, no offense. Friday at 11:04 · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: ‎@ Wenty, im jx saying. lol @BK, the value is so not the same @Frances, thank God someone agrees wiv me Friday at 11:05 · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: ‎@ Essence, hahahahahaa, it isnt. if it is in the context of pidgin english(our version of english.lmao) it means sumn different but if it's proper english then.... Friday at 11:07 · · Akua Asiedu: Wow, thot i was bn fussy. Glad i have company. Friday at 11:08 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: Hahahahaa, Akua, dis is not being fussy oh, people are just disgracing their grammer teachers. lol Friday at 11:10 · · Essence Shenée: tell them lol Friday at 11:12 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: Essence, lmao!! Friday at 11:14 · · Essence Shenée: ‎:) lol Friday at 11:15 · · Blak Chyniz Haruna: wat b ur own.u b lss teacher. Friday at 11:20 · · Nana Oye Odame: I hate it when people write JX... when they mean JUST... Friday at 11:20 · · Francis Nii Ayi Aryee: aint we suppose to be talking abt goats on such a day?!!! Friday at 11:21 · · Hajia Barikisu: Naa thank you...infact kills me inside! Friday at 11:21 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: The word AM is a verb which goes with the subject I, Therefore wherever there is AM, THERE SHD BE I!! However, I'M is the abbreviated form and can be used in place of I AM....#Imjustsaying. lol Friday at 11:22 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: Nana Oye, if only you can see my face right now. @ Blak, maybe i shd be. @ Hajia, hmmm... they are murdering the queen's language. lol @Francis, charley... hahahahaa Friday at 11:25 · · Nana Oye Odame: and JX and JUST are legally related? #Where in the grammar books? I'm just saying... and did u notice you used #Imjustsaying? IM is not I'M. Not all text talk is abbreviation... and whilst I weep for the deterioration of the English language, I think we each have our own... Friday at 11:38 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: Oye, lol! i agree with you but some of them are just not pardonable! eg, am and i'm!! Friday at 11:42 · · Nana Oye Odame: yoo! because that's the one you don't use. I will refer you to this status in the not too distant future... Friday at 11:48 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: Hahahahaa, yoo i hear. despite my problems wiv d murder of d english language, i sumtyms write pidgin or even do direct translation frm our local language bt truth is, i seriously fink sum ppl dunno d difference btwn am and i'm. my sista showed me a wrist band today n ey'v written on it, AM PROUD TO BE A GHANAIAN! Does dat make any sense to u?? are u sure d persn hu printd dat fing knws d difference btwn am and i'm? Friday at 11:54 · Like · Nana Oye Odame: Are you sure he doesn't know? :) :) Friday at 11:58 · · Richmond K Duah: THANK U!!!! TELL DEM OOOO..... TELL DEM Friday at 12:02 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: If he does, then i have more reason to be pissed. hope u read Essence's comment abt she finkn its an african fing. do we want the world to think dat cos dey say we r 3rd wrld, we cnt do anything ryt? lyk spk gud english? Oye, u knw grammatically, we spk beta english 2/3 of americans and english. we hv to make all those lashes we took in primary sch 4 spkn bad english worth it! Friday at 12:03 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: ‎@ Richmond, lol Friday at 12:05 · · Essence Shenée: I can't tell lol. But seriouly, I ran across three africans that spell am instead of Im . As a matter of fact 4. Friday at 12:06 · · Nana Oye Odame: I am not condoning the mistake. My question is 'Who or What determines which errors are more serious than others?' Everyone's scale is bound to have serious bias, depending on which ones he/she makes... I'm sure Essence also has her own. do you get me now? Friday at 12:28 · · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: Hahahahahaa. hv u guys realised dis is turnin in2 sum intellectual debate? AM GLAD!! LMAO Friday at 12:35 · · Essence Shenée: Yes , I have plenty. But I choose to stay away from most slang b/c I fear that it will change my vocabulary and I'll think it's OKAY to use this talk on a regular lol @ AM GLAD .smh Friday at 12:37 · · Nana Oye Odame: Same here, Essence, same here. Its a dangerous vortex we must all avoid Friday at 13:04 · · Essence Shenée: ‎:) Friday at 13:31 · · Aliu Mikashini: AM with u sista! Lol Friday at 14:56 · Kingsbite Kowah Allotey: AM glad another genius agrees wiv me, Aliu and im waiting 4 my sanla chow Friday at 15:00 · Aliu Mikashini: but hate it when people use jx instead of just! Lmao Friday at 15:02 · Like · Aliu Mikashini: cha i dey boys demma there! I will reserve ur goat meat for u! Friday at 15:05 · Essence Shenée: lmao. Friday at 15:38 · Her Prettyness

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