Saturday, December 18, 2010


I guess I'm at that age where every phone call comes with news of who is getting married, engaged or who just had a baby. (scary huh???? how did I get here? Just yesterday I was in primary school and I THOUGHT BOYS WERE YUCKY) Any way, It's quite exciting though!! Just this morning, my girls were talking about the recent increase in wedding invites in relations to the same growth to divorce (Think of a scene from sex and the city) So where was I? Oh we were still discussing weddings blah! blah!! and we concluded that the days of CINDERELLA LOVE was way over WHY :(???? 'Cos the Cinderella story started with "Once Upon A Time In A Far, Far Away land" For the records, Just in case you have not figured it out yet, In today's world, there's nothing like a far, far away land. Just hope into a plane and in a couple of hours, you are in some place you thought was a far away land (how is this related to my recent discovery??? relax, gal, you will soon find out" Secondly, Cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white and the people who lived in the far, far away land were in tune with nature. I mean snow white had dwarves for friends, Cinderella rode on a pumpkin, sleeping beauty was singing with blue birds or whatever. I live in Africa, the greenest continent and I have never sung with a bird. In today's world, i sing with my TV, Radio and I am glued to my PC and Blackberry( which by the way, ceased being a fruit a long time ago). My point is, in that time, every thing including nature was in their favour for a perfect happily ever after. IN TODAY'S WORLD, A HAPPILY EVER AFTER ENDING REQUIRES JUST A LITTLE MORE WORK Most people enter marriage still with the cinderella story in their minds, the recite their wedding vows like they recited their nursery rhymes. FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE sounds like, FOR BETTER, FOR BEST in their minds!! They expect their love to remain the same. They are totally unprepared for the changes that love goes through and refuse to admit that someday the love will die and the only way the marriage will survive is if in the dying flames of love, you have a forever friend to hold on to in your partner Maybe I am writing this note with my distorted view of love and marriage. Maybe, true love never changes. Maybe, there really is a prince charming who will sweep me away on his horse But just maybe Maybe I am right. To have a cinderella kind of happily ever after, you need to move to a far away land in a once upon a time!!!! Her Prettynes

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  1. bridesmaid's request... continue believing, cinderella, wld luv a ride in that pumpkin :)