Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another 365 days...almost gone

So another 365 days has just flown by *kanye shrug* What's the big deal??? It's not like this is the first 365 days that has flown by !! I wish the above was my reaction as i sit behind my lappie in an attempt to update my blog. Instead, I am amazed at how fast the year has flown by. I am amazed at the lessons I learnt. I am amazed at the things I went through. I am just amazed!!! I didn't make any new year resolution but in the year 2010, I learnt a lot about learning to shut my trap when words will put me in trouble. Heck, my big mouth nearly cost me the best boo i ever had. I learnt that, the difference between men and boys is the lessons they learn from their mistakes. Truth is, every one will hurt you but the one who really loves you will know how to make it right I learnt a lot about God and Faith and I am really glad that my relationship with GOD IS GROWING. I feel more personal with him now than I ever did. 2011- I am expecting a lot of bigger things bigger challenges bigger opportunities bigger dreams bigger achievements bigger and better Like they saY, afehyia pa!!!! Happy new year people. See you in 2011 Her Prettyness


  1. ...and this time your relationship with God will begin to Glow. Nice post and afehyia pa!!

  2. A toast to 2011 May it be better than the previous, here, here!

  3. @ Mr Lartey. thanx and afi ooo afi!
    @ Lucci, it definately will be. cheers!