Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm not going to pretend I'm going to get any work done the whole week. Not when the bosses have just employed God's best male specie to share the same office with me. No, i'm not lusting after him but I have to admit, I find him extremely attractive. He is smart and learns new things easily(now, tell me. Is that not the most attractive thing in a man?) He's not too tall but that's okay with me. He's got full lips!! and he speaks crisp english! All in all, he's gorgeous and he got to be fired for making me cause financial loss to my company!! *Thank God the boo doesn't read my blog cos he says it's too sissy but even if he does, who cares? I'm just admiring!* Prettyness


  1. Admire away, sweet.
    No touching though

  2. You have earned an award from me. Please check

  3. Thanx girl, i promise not to touch but i'd look paa. Oh, i love the blog award. my very first award. thanks girl. will post the award asap