Thursday, January 27, 2011


Often, i read blog posts about the black race and self hate. I don't doubt all those nasty stuff I read about the black woman wanting lighter skin, slimmer nose and hips and straighter, silky hair is true but in my part of the world, that beautiful country on the coast of West Africa, black is as beautiful as black can be! The broader your hips, the luckier you are and if God blessed you with a backside, you should be glad! Often in Ghana, we hear men say, "we want women with enough body!! lol" Hairy legs is another hot thing in my part of the world! I know in other parts of the world, hairy legs are a sign of poor grooming but not in my part of the world. Upon all the things we can stress our heads over, who cares about a little hair growing on Ur legs? In fact, they are meant to be showed off as it is a sign of hairyness!! Personally, i wax my legs often just because.... and not cos I see anything wrong with hairy legs. In my part of the world, yes, most women love relaxed hair but they don't hate kinky hair either. I, however, believe they only accept kinky hair when worn in twists and not an afro but once again, who cares??? In my part of the world, women are to be women and be able to cook and wash! What is the worth of a woman if she can't cook and wash? The way to an African man and his mother's heart is through their stomach. In my part of the world, life is all about living for the simple things that give us joy!!! Prettyness

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