Thursday, January 6, 2011


I must have been six or seven. I don't remember exactly which class I was in but it was either class one or two. I was at that age where I had to get everything I told my mum I wanted or I'd cry- wait, cry is an understatement, I'D SCREAM MY LUNGS OUT!! Anyway, like I was saying, I came from school one day and decided spectacles were the coolest thing man ever made. You know those huge, thick specs with the rope (for lack of a better word) round it. I told my mum i wanted to wear one and she said no. Even if I cried her a river, i knew the answer was still a big fat ugly NO!! So as smart as I was, a couple of days later as my mum was bathing for me, she told me to take the soap out of the soap dish for her. I pretended I had suddenly gone blind. I remember my mum holding a mirror to my face and asking me to tell her if I saw anything. I must have been a great actress cos I remember my mum crying and saying I had gone blind. Next day, I skipped school and went to see the eye doctor. Well, i didn't get my thick glasses. All i got was eye drops. Looking back, I can't even imagine what my mum went through all because I wanted some specs I know I'd have hated if I got them to begin with. The things we put our parents through in our ignorance. I wonder how I'd feel if my daughter puts me through so much anguish for something as stupid as ugly spectacles. Her Prettyness


  1. Hahaha. Thats so funny. I remember my bigger brother making a hell of a fuss for backpack school bags which had become the rave of the day. He told my mum that any other school bag of the kind thrown over the shoulder made him look like he was carrying a big handbag !

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  3. @ Wendall, hahahahaaa. ur big brother was funny. did he get the back pack he wanted?
    @ David, thanks man

  4. @prettykay - he never got it when he wanted it. It took a couple of school terms. But when he did, so did the rest of us, which he detested coz he'd wanted to be unique amongst us all.

  5. Hahahahahaa. well, not very fair, after all he asked first. Then again, your mum was saving herself of hearing you all whine. lol. smart!
    reminds me of another childhood memory where i wanted these plastic shoes called jelly shoes. will blog about that memory very soon.
    P.S checked out your blog and i loved it.