Sunday, January 9, 2011


Seen on a tee shirt: I'm not going to deny i dated you. Neither am i going to deny i said you were cute, But just so you'd understand, between you and the cows, you were a better pick! MY REACTION: *rolling on the floor laughing so hard i nearly pee'd on my self!Cows? ouch!! this really is a classic case of the one eyed man being the king in the land of the blind. I'm really regretting now getting a picture. would have made you guys laugh till you wet your pants. I loved the tee shirt but I'm not thinking of getting one cos it'd be admitting my lousy taste in men on my chest for the world to read. Thinking about it this way makes me pity the girl i saw wearing it. Well, what can I say? each man, his own! How's your sunday going? xoxoxoxo~ Her Prettyness

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