Thursday, January 20, 2011


All you are to me cannot be put into words. When I'm down, you pick me up. When I'm in need, you give of yourself to me. And when I want to give up and say no, You help me see reason to go on. Appreciating the life of one you love so dear, Can be done 364 days a year. But on just one day, we treat them in a special way, Celebrating the fact that it's their birthday. With every gift, hug, smile and cheer, We thank God, the angels and a loving mum who carried the seed to get us here. As your birthday is here today, I join you family and friends to say, How special a person you really are You are such a special person, warm, thoughtful, fun, loving and sincere. You are such a special person to be proud of And love a whole lot, too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOO :)

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