Sunday, January 2, 2011


Welcome to 2011. I'm actually doing imaginary cartwheels in my head and laughing hard at myself cos i'm the least athletic person I know. But this year looks like it's going to be an exciting year for me. Maybe, my Friends will decide education isn't everything, get married and make me a bridesmaid. *hint,hint* But so far, so very good. I'm lying in bed just reflecting on the past year especially all that me and the boo went through. We broke up and made up. It's funny, I never thought of myself as someone who'll take a man back after ending it with him, especially if it's my fault we broke up. I swear i got an ego the size of a football field and more but i digress. I guess it's called growing up or maybe, it simply is me realising that not all men are NOT WORTH IT!! Somewhere in December, i asked him why he swallows my nonsense and he simply said, cos i'm worth it. I don't know but remembering it always makes me smile. Have i found my soul mate? *rolling on the floor laughing my lungs out at the thought of it* I guess there comes a point where even a strong pessimist like me got to admit that love really exists. It's not always flowers and love songs but sometimes, you find someone who makes you realise you are okay being yourself and they love you just the way you are. When you find that person thank God for all the rubbish exes you have cos if they weren't that rubbish, you wouldn't have known the difference. So the question still remains, how do you know you've found that one?? How do you know someone is worth a space in your heart? How do you know this is it and that this love is strong enough to launch Ur heart on and watch it sail?Her Prettyness


  1. I guess when you ask yourself that one question, is he or she worth the trouble, and the answer is yes from both parties. I tot i had found that one person i cudn't live without, but sadly the answer was not the same for him.

  2. Lucci, you are so right. love is a two way road. you give some, you get some and if he can't love you like you deserve, you take a hitch. I wish the question, IS HE WORTH IT is so easy to answer. For some reason, I think its more than a yes or no question but as i saw written behind some trosky, time will tell!!!
    afehyia pa oh.

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