Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy vals day blogsville. Hope you get all the love you truly deserve. I guess I won't be the natural romantic I claim to be if I Don't have a VALS day post. Well, truth is my day has been uneventful. I had a super busy day only to get home to an E.G.C light off moment.

On this day of love, I allowed myself the luxury of thinking about 10 things I can't help but love in life and as usual, I just got to share.

1FAMILY & FRIENDS: Until a few years ago, I undermined the power of the f&f. In fact, it took a nasty break up for me to truly understand the importance of their love. Be nice to your family,no matter how dysfunctional they are cos they are a link to your past and most likely to stick with you in the future. Make new friends but keep the old cos one is gold and the other, silver!

2. TO LOVE AND BE LOVED BACK: I dunno if I fully understand this. But someday I know I will. Something tells me it's a beautiful experience.

3. SHOES: Like I always say, Cinderella is a living proof that the right pair of shoes can change your life forever.

4.Chocolates: I can never begin to understand why I love them, I just do.

5.BEAUTIFUL SKIN, TEETH AND HAIR: Ok, I'm obsessed with these 3 and I don't even know why!

6. DIGITAL CAMERAS OR ANY MIRROR LIKE SURFACE: It's no secret that I love my reflection. Call me vain or whatever *shrug*. My friend once said i'd look into a plate if only it'd show me my reflection.

7. FOOD: Need I emphasise it's importance to living organisms???

8. CLASSY PHONES: My dad says my phone is an extension of my arm. I'm always holding it. Well, since that's so, it better be classy.

9A LAZY DAY: Who doesn't love that? A lazy day spent in bed with a good book *happy sigh*

10. THE SIMPLE THINGS: It's amazing the simple things that makes me smile. A simple caring text is all it takes!!

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