Thursday, February 17, 2011


A friend wrote on facebook "preserve the trust to keep the relationship"
I just can't agree with her more. In Today's world, we are labelled fools for trusting but like I always, what business do you have being with someone you can't trust?
Trust is the basis of every successful marriage, relationship and friendship. In every relationship you got to trust, double trust and triple trust so you don't become disillusioned by what you see or don't see.
Simply said, you gotta keep the trust so you don't lose the love!

Yeah, just cos your partner is human and not an angel, trust him to do something to hurt you or even betray the trust. But if through those dark moments, you still have reason to hold on then do and don't lose the trust.

You see, I found a simple way in maintaining trust. Don't give me reason to believe you are being dishonest.

Secondly, be committed to the relationship not the person. People will hurt you and you'd also hurt people. It's human nature. But when your commitment is to the relationship, you'd always find the strength from somewhere to hold on. Always ask yourself, do I have more reasons to hold on than to let go? The answer should be your choice.

Thirdly, let the past remain in the past. so he betrayed your trust in the past. Well, you had a choice to either stay or leave and you chose to stay so suck it up and stop whining. There's nothing cute about a whining adult!

Always remember, trust is the basic ingredient in the meal of love. Leep the trust, so you don't lose the love. xoxoxoxo- Her Prettyness


  1. " chose to stay so suck it up and stop whining. There's nothing cute about a whining adult!"

    I love that line.

    NICELY written as always. I concur with your post.

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