Saturday, March 5, 2011


Hello blogsville,
Realised I've been getting a lot of blogloving of late *waves hello to new followers* ... I just love being loved (ok, that is corny) but I guess you've sensed from the title of this post that I have nothing really serions to say.

Anyway, fellow bloggers, how will you feel if you've been dating (read sleeping with) this guy and he just won't introduce you to anybody- not even his worst enemy- as his girlfriend??? (and nope, I ain't talking about the boo and me).

But, I got this girl who has been dating this guy for like forever and she's never been introduced as his girl yet he keeps sleeping with her. Guess his dumb reason? Anytime he takes a girl to meet his parents, the relationship ends and he has to go back and explain... Please, what about his friends??

I keep telling her that dude is taking her for one long bus ride. But girl says she's in love. I wonder whether she'd be singing that same tune if she gets her heart broken? I promised to butt out of her love life but people tell me, what game do you think the guy is playing???? Yeah, I know my girl is being fooled but i guess she'd take it even more seriously when you guys say something...

Ok, I got to bounce, got a date with the boo and I can't seem to get my kinks to behave tonight of all night *sigh*
*Her Prettyness


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