Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My girl Raj(God bless her crazy soul) wrote on facebook that, Men with pierced ears are better prepared for marriage cos they have felt the pain and bought jewelry. Oh, she cracked me up with that status update.

I have never dated a dude with pierced ear and I have no plan of marrying one. Heck, I believe some things are for girls only. Don't get me wrong, some guys really rock their earrings too well and i do enjoy starring.

But imagine this, having to share your favourite studs with your man? Just imagine getting ready for an outing and you can't find your favourite studs and you call your man and he says sorry hun, i'm wearing them. mtchew! That will be very annoying.

Anyway, what do you think about marriage and men with piercings? The idea of, hun, i'm wearing your studs is a major put off, or??? xoxoxo- Her Prettyness


  1. I don't like guys who wear metal jewelery especially earrings and necklaces. Fortunately, i've never met one i'd like to date. Since i don't have a favourite stud, then i guess i will be cool with him nicking it, but he is sure gonna know my displeasure.

  2. Tkai, i feel you. i've never particularly find guys who are into jewelry sexy. I recently bumped into my ex and he got on some metal chain. not the big blingsy one, just plain old silver chain and i was like wth!
    i wear studs all the time and i got my favourite and i won't wanna share it so men with piercings are still a major no!

  3. some guys just love studs N some don`t,from a boy point of View i think U ladies have a hand in the studs most guys have on, Y?? coz U want MTV boys lol..anyway some guys don`t fall for that pressure and personally its the last thing on my mind..maybe a magnetic but to pierce??? H to da NO...

  4. hahah at the way you analysed it. The stud does not make the man. Its just a item he can live with and without it..

  5. lol... Didi, like BSNC said, the stud don't make the man..... some men with studs are real cool...

    *note to self* so why am I still haunted my the thought of "hon, i borrowed your stud?"

    BSNC, well said. .. the stud really don't make the man but still..... lol

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