Thursday, May 19, 2011


So i literally copy and pasted this note whilst rolling on the floor laughing ma lungs out. hahahahaha.... real talk
Dear Sir,


Please I am writing this letter to let you know that I want to go the U.K. In fact, I want to go to the Uk is an understatement; I must go and please I do not expect you to refuse me. To start with, since I read in the history books that Ghana was colonized by the British, I have yearned to be recolonized. To pontificate, I think your people did a better job of handling our nation than our past and present governments are doing. See how we are all eager to seek greener pastures in your country. Well, I am not seeking greener pastures per say, but a chance to sit in an aeroplane, see white people, see my relatives and experience how well your country is run. I’m reliably informed that some of our people in UK are not as comfortable as they make us believe when they come for holidays, this I want to verify too.

I have heard how cheap food is and I want to fill my cheeks and also come back looking like a bogga. To mention a few, KFC, Pizza hut, Macdonalds and Nandos. I especially cannot wait to take part in the Chinese eat as much as you can buffet. I just pray that the Chinese do not ask for my withdrawal after I visit their restaurant, because I shall surely eat as much as I can. Very importantly, I am on facebook and I also need an album like…Summer hols at last! location, Peckham, United Kingdom… I am tired of my local albums…haba!...At least, four or so international albums will diversify my profile not to mention the increase in my number of friends with foreign names. I am a very friendly guy and I know at least I will have added 100 more friends before I return… I will surely not forget to tell pple to add me on to their facebook friends. One thing I desire is that fresh look when you return and the fresh clothes especially the smell of the suitcase. To conclude, I yearn to also add to my vocabulary the phrase ‘when I was in London’ or better still…’In London, yeah’...

Don’t worry about me not coming back. I shall surely return, I have a very comfortable life in Ghana, it’s just youthful exuberance that drives me...They say ‘travel and see’…

Help me travel, Sir.

Yours faithfully,
Her Prettyness


  1. if they deny u visa then they are mad. how can u deny this one. lmao!!!

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